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Here are some extra things that don't quite fit in with the VODcast. Enjoy or avoid. Both valid lifestyle choices. We call them "Extrees" around here. You'll call them Abner.

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Tony Vezner Simulcast
uploaded 3-14-06

The entire interview with New American Theater's Creative Director, Tony Vezner.

21.2 MB (23:09)
Omega Battalion Simulcast
uploaded 10-31-05

Additional Audio from The Omega Battalion VODcast [004]. Hit their MySpace. Contents: Clock Work | Photographs | The Stage | North Main Lounge Music

19.1 MB (13:52)
Ep 008 Outtakes
uploaded 12-11-05
2.6 mb (1:12)
Tim Santa: [Clip 1] | [Clip 2]
uploaded 11-29-05

Look! I'm Santa and junk. These are clips that my friend, Trace took. I ride an electric scooter in clip 1, and do a little dance (just for you) in the 2nd clip. Happy Holidays, kiddies. These clips are in WMV format. Sorry about that. They should still work. My advice: Download them to your hard drive. On the Mac option-click (in Safari), or control click and "save linked file as..." On the PC Right click and "Save Target As..."

1: 1.1 MB | 2: 1.9 MB
Tim Stotz Ultra Extra Plus Ultra Extra Plus 2
uploaded 10-9-05
9.8 mb 2:57
The Terrific Two
uploaded 10-8-05

An intentionally poorly-made parody of a British Kids' Show. Two precocious British kids take on the nefarious Mr. B and his gloom-inducing bipolar ray. What is the secret that will allow them to prevail, and keep a song in their hearts and steam in their strides? Tune in for the thrilling and vulgar low-budget conclusion to last week’s show.

16.7 mb (5:11)
uploaded 10-8-05

Jay came up with the idea of me imitating the "It's guy" from Monthy Python's Flying Circus. We loved it, but it didn't quite fit in with episode 1's story, or its already long running time.

.4 mb (:10)
Tim Searches for a Sign
uploaded 9-9-05
8.1 mb (1:29)
Tim Stotz Necromance Necromance Trailer (hi)
uploaded 2-15-05
Hi: 6.4 MB | Lo: 2 MB(1:36)
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